L.E. Hampikian


It takes work to write a book or build a new venture.
To bring a new thing into the world is a wholistic challenge.

I believe that with knowledge comes responsibility. The majority of my time is dedicated to scalable new works. That is where I believe I can have the greatest impact.
I am present with clients and external projects that are mutually generative. My clients include entrepreneurs, writers, founding teams, change-makers, and other creatives. They are brave-hearted, beloved individuals who pioneer new pathways within their lives, organizations, and creative works.

& premium services

My clients and collaborators  are visionary.
There are four ways in which I present my offerings:
Through specially designed programs for creatives and entrepreneurs and through retreats for writing journeys. 


Via premium services and custom offerings like relationship-centered facilitation for your founding team’s strategic retreat, custom-designed workshops for your organization, production services, or performance & keynote speaking for your event.


1:1, where I bring my toolkit of relational, creative (writing, voice, performance, production), and entrepreneurial development intuitively into an environment that centers on your chosen direction.


In partnership with select projects that are mission, value, and vision-aligned.


my offerings

If you want to work with me in any of the listed capacities, please don’t hesitate to reach out at contact@lehampikian.com.